Need help with FAQ thread/sticky

Hey gang

As I don’t always have a lot to offer on this site in the way of knowledge I figured I could help in another way. I went through all 52 pages of threads and bookmarked all items that seem to come up often as FAQ’s like:

Black Book
Door Hangers

I have two questions:

  1. How do I make it a sticky for newbies find easily
  2. How do I change the thread from this:

To actually say “Doorhanger Coupon Ideas” while maintaining the link to the thread. It make more sense to list the threads in subject headings as listed above but title each thread by what it is covering instead of the “http” location which tells you nothing.

Kind of like this page:

totally agree we could do with a few sticky’s up at the front the majority of questions on here come up time after time after time like

'I’m thinking of buying my own place what should I do…

This is a test post to see if the board accepts HTML tags.

Door Hanging

Another Test

Door Hanging


That is what I was looking for. How do you do that? Just follow your example on the previous post? If so I am golden, I will get to work right away.

Do you think I could work it up in a word doc and then cut/paste it all into one thread?

I agree with you “guest” on the " I want to buy my own… I have about 20 threads on this alone.

=]Door Hanging[/url]


If the [url was in front of the equal sign, it should duplicate what was in my previous post. Yes, you should be able to cut and paste from word. Pay close attention to your margins though. Otherwise your formatting might not line up the same.