Need Help With Fried Chicken!

Hello All! I am looking for a ‘good’ fried chicken recipe. We currently sell no fried chicken and are planning to start selling them.

We sell wings and fry them fresh for 8 minutes before we serve them.

Can we continue to use the same deep fryer or will we need a different one?

Can anyone reccomend a decent recipe for fried chicken? Or a batter if it exists?

Thanks a bunch!

15 mins at 350 degrees.

Take the raw chicken, clean it under running water (remove fat and any gut residue as well as any extra skin hanging). Put in a s/s bowl with a dry seasoning base (no recipe, sorry) and toss. Put in plastic bags or bowls or something and put back in the cooler for several hours. Dump chicken into seasoned flour and coat well. Have something like a pasta strainer (something with holes in it) and quickly dunk into ice water. Just down and right back up. Dump chicken back into seasoned flour and coat again. Toss in deep fryer.

i fry up 16 cases of chicken a week avg.(112 pcs per case)
i just take the bag of chicken,dump it in FRY CRISP from us foods and strait into the fryer,18 mins at 350,wings at 12 mins,i have been told it is the best
i use the same fryers for all my fried foods.
the only thing is you will need to change your oil more frequently than now.
i change mine three times a week,a total of 15,35 lb cases of oil

Sysco has a program called “Sunday Skillet” that I’ve used 4 yrs…marinate chicken overnight…pulls blood from bone…seasoned flour…liquid…seasoned flour - idiot proof…

I would suggest marinating the chicken overnight in say italian dressing then using the fry crisp, that stuff is pretty good. We used it at the Pondo I worked at for fried chicken. As for the fryer… I would have a dedicated fryer for fried chicken. Go out and buy a new one just for the fried chicken. Also, use peanut oil The flavor it puts in the fried chicken is just awesome. Of course you will have to advertise on your menus and maybe with signs that your fried chicken is fried in peanut oil.

peanut oil?
sounds good…have you priced peanut oil lately?

Runnin glow on my hypertension meds, so I haven’t looked at peanut oil in a while . . . and we’re up in arms about price of cheese . . . .

i was being sarcastic,it is double vegi oil

Saw that. It inspired my hyperbole.

So you charge a premium price for the chicken. Peanut oil makes a hella difference. I worked at an italian place that used peanut oil and they had the best fried chicken I’ve ever tasted, even better than kfc or any of those guys.

this is my specialty fellaz I season my chicken for at least 2 hours dip in egg then flour and fry…use a cajun seasoning mixed in flour