Need help with hood.

New to the forums and soon opening up a pizza shop with a partner. In need of some advice on what size exhaust hood do I need such as dimensions, My oven most likely will be a convener oven such as a Lincoln or Marshall is it better to have the hood bigger then the oven or just flushed with the oven. Also if any can recommend any specific brands.

Find out what your local code calls for. They usually want it to overlap a certain amount of inches from the openings of the oven. You’ll need to find out the dimensions of your oven before you’ll be able to figure out the size of the hood. If you are going to have a fryer or grill you’ll need a hood to cover those as well. Talk to the people at HoodMart. They were very helpful to me and reasonably priced.

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phone joe mills 7344694594 He can answer any questions. He ca design t e proper hood for you and supply a plan and or supply the hood. We have designed thousands of hoods for shops nationwide/ GM