Need help with pizza sticking to box.

Had this problem a while back… whenever we get a pizza that has more than 1 Veggie on it, it sticks to the pizza box.

My old process is as follows:
Pizza box > sprinkle Corn Meal in box (mainly in the center where it sticks the most) > put the pizza in the box and cut.

I later on got some 16” paper wax sheets that I put down on the box, then added the corn meal like usual. This has worked for some time but for some odd reason, over the past couple of months more and more people have been calling up back and telling us that their pie’s are sticking to the wax paper.

What sticks the most is the cheese itself, but like I said, only if there are a couple Veggie’s on the pizza… it’s like the moisture from the veggies mix with the cheese and create a glue.

How do I fix this problem? Will a different cheese help this issue?

How about a different wax paper. Have you tried switching to a better one? Mcnairn and rite wrap are good ones.

Have you tried plastic pizza screens?

I have been using a fluted liner since day one. The cost is around 10 cents each but well worth it.

Pizza of the Month, I’ve tried 3 different one’s from 3 different distributors but their all pretty much the same type of sheet so they all seem to stick.

steveo922, I’ve looked at them but find they are overpriced around here… unless you have a specific one your referring to?

Daddio, I haven’t seen them in FOREVER! I’ve totally forgot they made that item. Isn’t it also made of paper? And has a pie ever stuck on you before using one of them?

Thanks all!

The ones we used (and at my first place I worked at) are around .08 each. Not sure if we’re just lucky b/c they just so happen to make them a couple towns over, but you can give it a try. Their phone number is 847-791-6255.

*Edit - After a quick search I was able to find their website…

I wanted to ask if you had tried using a cutting board to cut the pies and then transfer to the boxes. It may be that the cutter is pushing the goo down to the box?? Another potential solution would be parcooking your veggies . . . like peppers, onions, mushrooms, and jalapenos can be oven roasted to dry them out a bit before use. Could just weight them with toweling or cheesecloth to press out some of the moisture. That would be attacking the issue more at the front end than the back end by reducing the moisture.

I have huge problems with moisture from our 6-veggie pizza as well. We just don’t have a big following for it . . . so don’t go to extremes with it. Customers expect a little extra ‘juice’ from it.

Like Daddio we use the fluted pads plus the plastic tables that keep the lid from the top of the pizza, especially when you stack the boxes 3 or 4 high.

The fluted pads cost 8 cents each and the plastic tables 4 cents. For this small outlay our customers are free of soggy or sticking bases and box lids that touch / stick to the top of the pizzas.


Since I have always used them I can’t say for sure. If someone goes crazy and gets triple cheese there could be some stuck. Most of the pizza places that use liners here use this type. There are only 1 or 2 that use wax paper and they are the low end places.

That’s the problem with using cheap/poor quality boxes. We cut it, then slide it into a coated box.

We cut on the fluted board inside the box using a disc roller cutter with absolutely no problems, as Nick aluded to what may happen.

We started using the fluted board and table about 4 months after opening and would never go back. Not one compaint about soggy bases or sticking to the lid. Highly recommend both despite the small additional cost for the customer satisfaction factor, especially if you are on the high end pricing like we are.


I have never seen crust stick to the box. Maybe cheese is getting between the crust and the wax paper. We throw a pie in a box thats pre lined with wax paper (16 in box gets 12x10) even where the pizza hangs off it doesnt stick…cut it and close it.

What kind of “coated box” are you reffering to?