Need help, worth staying open for lunch every day?

Need help, worth staying open for lunch every day?
I was reading the Gross margin/net profit thread and all these % got me thinking….
I have never actually sat down and figured out my %’s and don’t know if (with employee pay and taxes and utilities) if it is worth staying open in the morning (from 11am – 4pm).
I have 1 cashier and one bartender on in the morning along with me and the wife… plus all the ovens and fryers, lights, ac/heat is on.

How do I determine what it is actually costing to stay open and if we are actually making a profit in the morning? We only average about $200 gross profit for the entire shift, and the POS says that our labor is usually at 20-25%.
What info do I need to pull together?

Thanks all for the help!

Im not one for working for nothing. If you can cut out 40 hours a week and net the same profit why not?..Its easier said then done but have you tried increasing sales for that particular time of day?..our lunch specials work incredible for us. Between faxes and emails we turn the 100$ investment per month to 10,000$ per month. and the best part about it is the “specials” are all our menu items. we just throw them in their face everyday.

what kind of Lunch Specials are you doing?

In the slow season, we’re closed for lunch. (11:00am-4:00pm)

In the middle season, we have 1 guy(me or another fellow) working, he takes orders and cooks, usually does about $300 - $1000 for lunch (11:00am-5:00pm).

In our busy season, we have up to 4 people working, doing up to 3 or 4k.

If you and your wife are there, I suggest that you both work and retire the other two.

What’s wrong with that? $6000 a month for lunch and you’re worrying about staying open?

Another point to consider is getting all your prep done for the day and covering that labor’s cost.

I agree with Pizza Pirate plus between 2-4 you can take a break and not so tied to the restaruant. We use this time as wisely as possible