Need help writing an ad

I need to write an effective ad to list my pizza shop. I am posting it on Craig’s as I can’t afford a broker. I am selling all of the equipment but not the name or the recipies. Any advice would be great.

are you selling a location as well? or are we talking “contents of a pizza place.” if your selling the contents be prepared to be nickel and dimed.

I am selling the equipment. I would sell the building but the landlord would want some money.
This is what I havefor an ad:

MOTIVATED SELLER! Pizza shop with Great location for someone who wants to grow sales to the next level. Located on a roadway with high traffic volume. Easy to increase sales by staying open later and opening on Sundays. Business includes refridgerators and freezers, pizza, sub and salad coolers, double decker Blodgett ovens, 2 fryolaters, 3 burner grill, meat slicer, counters, cooking utensils, etc. This is a hidden gem and has a lot of potential with low overhead for a new owner who knows how to market properly. SELLER WILL ENTERTAIN ALL REASONABLE OFFERS. Call for further information. This is a must see opportunity.


Serious callers only / No Brokers please

Hmmm…No name! No recipe!..I think many folks calling will have a much lower number in mind as to what they consider reasonable…Is there a lease?..How much is the rent?..And CAM?..Good luck…

So what should I ask if I am not selling the name?

I have no idea…All I know is Craigslist is full of ads for equipment for “next to nothing”…If you read back in the archives here, you will see a number of folks that sold what they had for 20 to 40 cents on the dollar versus what they were asking…If you are trying to get out of a lease, sometimes you almost have to give everything away just to get your name off the lease…Also, if you happen to get in arrears with your rent (not saying you are), you could end up far worse off than if you “unload” sooner even if “unloading” leaves a very bad taste in your mouth…

I think too often folks get “emotional” about selling something for less than they think it is worth…You really have to remove your “heart” from the equation and make the best out of a bad situation…

I am still open and my landlord is right on point with me. I am not having a “fire sale” if you will. I priced high anticipating lowball offers. Emotion is not a factor for me with the price. I just want to walk away without oweing anyone.

Why not the name and recipes? Do you have other plans for them?

Why no brokers? If a broker brings you a buyer that closes the deal paying them a couple of thousand dollars not a bad deal. Take that off the ad. If a broker approaches you and asks to list, politely decline and state that you are willing to work with buyer representatives but do not wish to list through a broker. (They will not want to list it anyway in that price range). The worst that can happen is that you have now had the opportunity to spread the word about what you have for sale. If a broker brings you a buyer and sets up the deal, pay them 3-4% of the purchase price. Take that into account when you negotiate with that buyer.