Need ideas for my new billboard

So i am getting a 14x30 billboard and splitting it between my 2 stores, its about 350 a month each store and the 2 stores are only 12 miles apart and im going to put it right in the middle of the 2 stores

I need something simple fast and catchy so people get it at 60 mph

I was thinking like

" Tired of cardboard?"

And then a picture of our pizza and then both locations on the bottom of the board with our logo.

I would love something really clever to mess with dominos but im not that creative. So any ideas would be great. We take dominos coupons and there in both the towns we are in and they hate us.


No need to reinvent our pizza. JG’s pizza, Anytowns favorite for over 15 years!
sorry still stinging
but seriously pictures are the best. colorful and potential customers don’t have to read it they can absorb faster.

I was thinking something like this

^I like that alot. Just put “Tired of Corporate Cardboard” above the picture so it is easier to read.

I agree about moving the writing above any graphics… Really proof this before you buy. Look at it in daylight and night. There is a local hottub store in town that spent a lot of money on a billboard outfront but during the day the blue letters on the dark background get washed out and you can not read a thing. At night…it glows pretty awesome. The cobalt blue letters jump off the almost black but traffic is not heavy after 9pm till 5am for hottub sales…at least I do not think so? :?: Also keep it short and sweet. You want people to be able to read it at 60+ mph and remember your name and the catchy part too. Good luck. Take a pic and let us see what you did when you are done. - Michael

Or the top one i like alot

I am going to pass on a thought that someone sent my way. “Will the customer really be able to get your phone number and remember it at 60 miles an hour?” In my case they were referring to my delivery vehicle but I can see the same logic here. Not to mention the fact there are 2 locations to try and remember the right one.

I would agree for a passer by but not a local

I know all the prefixes in the area and i think most people do too.

So all they have to remember is 9900 or 3100
but i see your point as well

ok guys this is a serious question.

I just came up with this slogan. I know its pushing it but i dont think it woud piss people off too bad

We are the only place on the pennisula that sells a 18" pizza
What if we put Got 18"? We do… It would get people talking and is only dirty if you have a dirty mind and think with your head in the gutter.

Or “Size matters, We deliver 18”

I need a funny slogan that gets people talking, i dont just want to be another billboard, i want it to POP and make people laugh and tell a friend and get people talking

I thought the same way we have a an 18 inch Pizza, and the girls came up with the idea of putting on the back of their shirts Size does matter
Try our 18"

promotes well and no neg feedback at all