need ideas on using alcohol in pizza toppings

hi all, does anyone use say tequila flavored shrimp or anything of that sort? i would really love to have a pizza that uses a topping that been sautted or marinated in liquor to be like a house specialty for a wow factor… any ideas?

Never tried, but you just gave me a great idea. Jim Beam Bourbon Brined Chicken! It just sort of rolls off the tongue. I have to cook a batch of chicken topping up tomorrow, maybe I should throw a shot or two into the brine.

I will drink to that.

George Mills

As popular as liquor-infused menu items have been these last few years, I’ve just never been a fan of them, I believe it is typically overdone, and done so heavily that it tends to clash in many cases.
Although I do use a fairly heavy amount of red wine in my sausage.
As @Rick G mentioned, I see a bourbon-glazed, grilled chicken being popular, but I see it clashing with tomato sauce. So, Maybe a bourbon-grilled chicken with garlic butter and some specialty cheeses added to the mix? Smoked Gouda has been a hit at my place lately, and I see it working well with Bourbon if it is not too overpowering
Tequila-Lime grilled shrimp and garlic may be another hit, but again, it may clash with a mater sauce, maybe an herbed, thin sliced fresh tomato (think Focaccia) as opposed to using a sauce, and some fresh green herbs too? Maybe something as simple as a flat leaf parsley, or a basil chiffonade after it exits the oven?
(oops, is my previous culinary background showing too much?)