need ideas to add menu items

Hi friends. We’d like to expand our menu in a simple way…add more sandwiches and perhaps salads…but I really want to stick with ingredients I already use to reduce potential waste. Our web address (designed by yours truly :wink: ) is I’d love some ideas from you all on what I can add. Best store to look at for the complete menu is Black Mountain location. We’d like to attract more dine in business during the lunch hour. We already offer any 7" sub, chips and drink for $6 during lunch.

Thanks ahead of time for your feedback. I always get great ideas here!

Salads are easy. With some greens and basic ingredients from your make-line you can add 2-3 salads to your menu easily. Oven-able wings are also easy to do and easy to deal with. Calzones and Strombolli are also mainly pizza ingredients.

BTW, I had some very fine times on Cherry Street in Black Mountain at a wateringhole called McDibbs a long time ago. I am told it no longer exists. That is a shame. Still have the tapes though!

We started selling sandwiches on Ciabatta bread about 5 years ago, they started selling well pretty quickly. We get our Ciabatta bread frozen from US Foods or Sysco and use ingredients that we already use on other items. The bread thaws pretty quickly, you can pull some out of the freezer every few days to make sure that you’re not wasting any. On our menu we list them as “Our Signature Ciabatta Sandwiches,” I think they do so well because it’s a different product then anyone else in our area sells. You can pretty much just invent a few sandwiches based on ingredients that you have, and just toast the whole sandwich in the oven that you have (don’t waste any money on a panini iron). If you decide to sell them or want to see the kinds we sell then let me know and I’ll message you ours.

I think a sausage patty with sauce & cheese would be popular, with some add-ons like shrooms, onions peppers & such.
We do a 1/2LB sausage patty on a 7" roll, grilled/toasted garlic butter. a few banana pepper rings on the side for color helps too/