Need Menu Help**

Hello Friends,
Time has come to put my menu together. please provide me with your valued opinion. I am stsrting with the menu I got. I am copying lot of stuff from this guy. pretty much similar product & menu items. Except I got different restaurant concept. plus I got fryer. I am starting with the menu I have. Need to work of it, refine it. Please help … pg&.src=ph

My place will be called Big Foot Pizza. instead of S. M. L. XL. I want to size by big foot family names. Plus I am gonna have a BIG monstouros pizza

Biggest = Bigfoot?BF Family?Family size?Party pizza? Monster? Or
something related to army. I am by Air force base.
XL = Big foot?Shasha?Raaka? (father) please suggest names…
L = Coco? Noni?(mother) please suggest names…
M = Rookie?(son) Coockie?Mea? Chea?(daughter)please suggest…
S = Chuchu? baby…

I also got a Fryer for chickren. Sandwiches not as many in the menu in picture. I am gonna add a quizno style sub.
Thanks for your time, Please help.[/url]

I think you should just stick with standard size names.

People don’t like to look stupid when ordering.

“I’d like a large pepperoni”

“Ok, one Noni pepperoni, anything else?”

“What are your specials today?”

“We have a 2-topping Raaka for $10.99 or you can have 2 1 topping Chea’s for $9.99”

I agree stick to the norm on size names…save the cute names for the specialty pies if you must

Anybody who puts out an offer for
Buy one topping coco get a chuchu free
should be shot :smiley:


stick with the

16" xlarge
14" large
12" med

I tried 2 buck the trend 2x and customers just don’t get it…the majors have grilled in the concept of a 14" pie as large…go w/the flow & give your specialty pies catchy name to match your theme/concept…

btw - I sell a lotta fried chicken as well…

Thanks Guys,
Got it. I am sticking with regular sizes.
Any ideas about chicken menu items? such as X pieces for $X. I am sure there are plenty of proven sales ideas out there.
Thanks for your help,
Punjabi Guy.

I’m absolutely no expert, but I just had this thought…
are you sure you want to name your shop after feet? or a mysterious hairy monster living in the mountains who baths in the river and hides from the public…

one other note…if you are handtossing crust, make sure you thoroughly test tossing the “BigFoot”. I do a handtossed 24", and it is very difficult…only for very experienced dough stretchers.

Perry…I just laughed my ass off. thanks.

I have asked many people. everyone of them said it was a cool name. I mean, there’s foxy pizza, magoo’s pizza, gopher pizza, billy beaver’s pizza, Chucky(mouse?) cheese’s pizza. not necessarily clean characters. But, I am not firm on the name. Thats why I am here asking for suggestions. something better comes, I will adopt it. Just like I took the advise already & gave up size naming idea. It is S, 10", M 12", L 14", XL 16". Done with that part. I do need help on fried chicken menu. Any,any, any ideas welcome.

(I used to work for a very successful Japanese automaker. There philosphy ideas,ideas+ideas= imrovement)

Fried Chicken - you can mimic KFC and offer a full range of dinners, buckets & sides…I used 2 do an 8 pc w/fried potato wedges, biscuits…never was big mover…also sold chicken tenders & fries…tenders were more popular & I dropped the whole chicken…

2nd store we just used tenders…bundled them 3 or 6 count and had a few pizza specials as well…

I think big foot pizza is a cool name… different… u sick of hearing all the " blabla town pizza" or the “blabla house of pizza”… big foot is cool… I agree with the rest, keep the names of sizes simple… I hate ordering at starbucks with those fancy names for sizes lol… about the chicken subject… we have a 3 pc fry chicken dinner with two sides for 6.50… people love it… I think add some wing dings and chicken fingers… people are crazy about those… good luck

A while back I was out of town and wanted to order pizza…I called the only place listed in the motel guide (there was no menu in the room or at the front desk)…I just wanted a single 12" pizza…I asked what sizes they had and I was told small, medium or extra large…When I asked how big they were in inches there was a stunned silence…After waiting several minutes I hung up and went to 7-11…You can use pet names but make sure who ever is answering the phone says our “Bigfoot” is 15", etc. etc…RCS…

OH, I get it.
Thats why they have different size pans with sizes written on them in red bright color, installed right below the menu board. i used to think of them as dumbest waste of premium space. turned out to be the simplest way of expaining the pie size. something new everyday. Keep posting friends, I am learning.

Something we’ve found on sizes - our largest is XXL at 20". It’s great against the competition - their largest is over 28" and their biggest problem is that it won’t fit though the door and they tip it - causing the cheese and topping to slide.

If your looking for a promotion someday…Give people $2 off a large if they can prove they’ve spotted Bigfoot. Let their kids draw a picture of Bigfoot to prove they saw him, and hang them up in the dining room for a week.

I don’t know about the name big foot, years ago that was a Pizza Hut crust style/pizza. It may be copyright infringement.