need more advise on point of sucess?

a number of members recommended pos as my pos software. thank you for the new question is we like what was offered and there office is right near us. but when i contacted other pos systems they told me point of sucess will not work if we do more then 5K a before i go with them can the guys that are using it let me know if this is just a sales pitch ? i would figure they would say it was no good to buy theirs but they said it is only good to a certian are the details again. pizza/bar 3Ksq.ft. 80 seats,19 bar stools it has changed a little. beer/wine/package,appt,entrees. plus the price they offered was 3K-4K less then 4 others and offered me more apple for apple!thanks again

I bet a quick call to Points of Success would give you an answer…(800) 752-3565…

thats the problem i dont want a sales pitch of course they will tell you it should or will work thats why i need thew guys that recommend it to respond they will know best .

I have days where I do 4k per day and never had any trouble with the software. My first year in business I did almost 500k in sales and that was before the software was updated and features added.
Call them, they will answer any questions without a salespitch or any pressure. It sounds like the other guys are feeding you a line to try and get your business.

I do well over 5k per week point of success works just fine. I will say that sometimes you may wait a little longer for point of success to adapt newer technology than some of the other guys, but for the price difference and level of service they give, it’s still a no brainer.

You’re talking about 4-6k to get point of success up and running, compared to 25k for something else, I’ll wait a few months for breaking edge technology.

I know I’m going to be sorry I said this, but that’s a load of crap. I support a place locally that does over $6,000 a day. On Point of Success version 1.

I’m sick of competitors trash talking Point of Success. You will never hear me say anything bad about one of our competitors. Why can’t they return the favor?

You said you’re close to our office. I’d love to show you around and tell you about Point of Success. I don’t think you’ll call what you see and hear a sales pitch!

Did this guy tell you specifically why POSuccess won’t work for over $5K/week?

We have been using POSuccess since we opened and have done well over $5K per week every week. No problems here. Don’t let the price tag fool you into thinking this is a rinky-dink software company and definitely don’t believe a competitor’s opinion until you’ve seen it first-hand. Chances are the competitor has never seen it himself.

Big Joe,

Any chance you’ll tell us the names of those competitors? I think it would be good for the pizza community to know the shadier characters in the POS industry (and I’ve come across a few myself.)

If you heard the exact same thing from more than one competitor it shows that they’re all talking about Point Of Success and have probably come up with a “plan” to discredit the software.

Geez, maybe they’re a little worried because POS does pretty much everything their systems do at 10% of the price?

I don’t use POSuccess but if I were told something like this I would follow up with real “specific” questions. Call some of POSuccess’s customers and see how they feel.

My impression from these forums is that you will save a lot of money if your go with POSucccess but you will have to be a do-it-yourselfer. I did a lot of research on POS systems and never heard anything negative about the company or its product.

thanks for the great response.some answers to your questions. jeff ward i dont know if you met with partner are you in N.J.the other co. did say it wouldnt work with sales over 5K.the other one told me you dont want to use that co, we give our small stuff to POS software if its big we take it .i guess mine was big 12K-15K. the one company doesn’t even come out they SHIP IT and it turnkey.but 1500 more they would come out. nice huh. i havent reviewed it completely but my partner met with the rep and the whole system complete,support,1 day of live person on site set up all hardware under 8K thought thats a good deal.

I am a fan of aldelo.

Worth looking into

Jeff - Your support team is AWESOME!!!

For me, the key is going to be stability and service after the sale. The ‘front man’ needs to earn my trust and convince me that what he says is true . . . that his company will be there after my money is collected. The pitches you describe from ‘other companies’ sound rather weaselly to me . . . which is one reason I ended up with POSuccess. All three other companies spoke directly about POSuccess as low-rent and sub-prime software. Jeff and his staff NEVER spoke ill of any competitor I mentioned. I always ask how the sales person sees their product compared to XX other system. Shameless sale persons will bash competitors as you described. That shows me a lack of confidence in their product and lack of personal integrity by seller. I walked away from all three and built my POSuccess system. Even though I don’t pay for a servuce contract (YET), they answer emails and run an online support group for POS users.

Choose them or not, Jeff Ward and his colleagues are classy, and occasionally end up here offering support to pizza guys here.

Our office is in the Phoenix area. In New Jersey you were speaking with one of our dealers. Dealers are great because they can give you the hands-on support, training and setup that we can’t from headquarters. Some Point of Success users like Nick did their system themselves, others use one of our dealers to do the entire system for them.

It is important to understand exactly what you’re getting no matter what you pay for it. Of course I’d like you to be a Point of Success user, but I hope you find what you’re looking for! Please let me know if I can help.

big joe…

I use POS and love it. We do about $40,000. a month and have no problem. If you want pm me and I will give you my number to call with any concerns. They have always been supportive and responsive.