I have a set of double stacked Baker’s Pride Y-602’s. They are (60" wide by 36’ deep). I’m wondering whether any triple deck ovens would give me more cooking area. I can’t add another Bakers Pride on top because it would be too far into the hood. I was thinking about adding some sort of deck oven on top and cutting down the leg size on bottom, so it would be workable. I don’t have any space in the rest of the restaurant (No hood). Let me know if anyone needs any clarification! Thanks a lot.

So what you are proposing is lowering the two ovens that you have to allow fitting a third deck on top of them. I’ve seen this done, but a problem arises in working with the bottom deck because it is now so low that it may become problematic in moving/rotating the pizzas as well as taking them from the oven without dropping to your knees to worship that bottom deck.
Maybe its time to move on up to an air impingement oven? You can get essentially the same quality of bake and probably come close to doubling, or more, your existing production capacity.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Zad:

You will never go wrong taking advise from Tom.

George Mills

I have to add my 2-cents… First I am a big fan of the 602’s as they are one of the top couple decks out there… but if you need the space I would look at new triple stacks that are spaced correctly or a belt because cutting and adding a third to what you have will only lead to additional cost in employee back injuries and burns in my opinion. Good luck.