What are your options as far as equiptment. If you dint hAve a fryer you can’t use chicken cutlet. Certain items can be bought iqf, run throgh your oven or microwave. Do you have a slicer? Sandwich meats… Pref boars head or thumans…
Italian combo or any other sandwich combo
any parmesan… Chicken…eggplant… Meatball… Shrimp
Chicken tuna or egg salad
grilled chickn caser.
Just experiment with your options and b creative…

what do you offer now? Buffalo chicken sandwiches go over real well here. We use 2 deep fried chix strips, dip them in buffalo sauce and serve them on a hoagie turned garlic bread, toasted with buffalo sauce on the top, cheese and bacon on top of that. mmm good.

I brought in wraps, they sell very well. I charge $7.50 and throw in some fries. Tortillas are a helk of a lot cheaper than sub rolls. I also bought a wire mold so I can make taco shells in my deep fryer so I can sell taco salads. I have been told mine are better than the local Mexican restaurant.

One of the places I used to work was in a college town and one of our best sellers after the bars was simple. We took a garlic toasted hoagie roll, smeared BBQ sauce on one half, laid out a good amount of crumbled sausage, then topped with onion, green pepper if you liked it, and laid on some cheese. It was oven baked for a few minutes just to warm up the meat, melt off the cheese.

They were decent, but I have an idea it was more the bar than the hoagie that was selling them.

That title is misleading.


Here is his sandwich menu: Sandwiches, Calzones[/url]. Lunch menu: [url=]Appetizers, Lunch Menu.

I doesn’t appear that a lack of sandwich options is the real culprit in the slow lunch sales. How are you marketing your lunchtime?

My lunches used to be good til this summer, then I had 3 new restaurants open along with a sandwich shop across the street. So that gave my town of 5000 5 places to eat. Was seriously looking at closing at lunch time because there were days when I would not have customer in the store til 3 or 4pm. But now with Fall coming on they are finally picking up again. Don’t have any advice to offer other than just stick with it…They will return as long as you provide a decent meal for a decent price & can get it to them quick.

People love combos for lunch, they want to come in get food and get out. do you offer any sides such as fries? do you have the capability to offer fries? how about fresh cut potato chips? that would give you an edge on the competition right there. Come up with some combo meals, sandwich, fries/chips or salad and drink for x amount of dollars. Do you offer delivery? are there any office buildings or industrial complexes near by? if so, drop in one day with some menus and work them a deal for ordering. go out to banks, other businesses and talk to the owners/managers. let them know you’re there. work up some kind of business to business package for them.

We have recipes available on our website at Just search by menu part and sandwich.

I always think it is nice to have a light option on your menu for lunch. This allows groups of people to go there even if some people want something healthier than slices and chicken cutlets. I think a Caprese sandwich is a good option. Buffalo mozz, tomatoes, basil, and maybe a pesto spread. Easy to make and if done well with decent ingredients, really tasty.

How about grinders (it means something different here in Kansas City). Take a hard roll or hoagie roll and slice 1/2" off the end. Hollow it out. Stuff it with meatball or sausage, sauce and lots of cheese. Bake for a few minutes to get crispy. If you prep the buns in the morning they don’t take any more time to make than any other sandwich…
“Think outside the hut”