need new sausage topping - good brand?

I intend to make my own at some piont, but for now I am inspired by the recent thread and am going to be sampling some brands of bulk mild and sweet Italian sausages to bake off and crumble. I have a somewhat limited options to start out with. . . and then will branch out. The brands I can choose for initial testing are:

Roseli (USFoods house label)

Prcing aside, anyone particularly excited about one of these brands? Also, what sort of yield can I expect from 10 bulk raw? I expect some fat melting to eat into my final product . . . I am thinking no more than 30%? More hoping I guess.

Third question in the topic is portioning of sausage. How much of a good, flavorful sausage do you use on a 10"/12"/16" pie???

Another option is a fully cooked SLICED italian sausageā€¦ Our customers love the stuff. Goes on like pepperoni and is higher end looking option compared to the kibbles.

We use the fontanini. The ground sausage does not look like dog food. We also offer the italian links. We slice them up as well. It is a big seller and makes us different from the chains

you should see if you can sell them that strap line! lol :roll:

I am not sure if this would be an option for you. I have all my meats done by a local butcher. I even advertise this on my menus and web site. The cost is slightly higher than the stuff from the food services but the quality far surpasses anything they sell.

Daddio, the mind is willing, but the market is weak :frowning:

fontanini is always my sausage brand of choice. but I put it on raw

We have sliced, bias-sliced and whole Italian sausage links[/url] and various [url=]Italian sausage toppings available. If you would like one of our salespeople to call you for a consultation please PM me your info.

We also have a few tools and resources which you may be interested in when making your decision:
[]True Cost of Raw Calculator - Calculate the true cost of using raw meat vs. fully cooked
]Profit Potential Calculator - Compare the higher profit margin of a specialty versus a standard menu item
[]Cost of Quality Calculator - Evaluate the cost versus benefits of higher quality ingredients
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