Need NYC Suggestions (PMQ's Heather Cray will be in NYC Oct 23-28)

Hello all! :slight_smile:

Heather here- PMQ’s Social Media Manager.

A few things…Please e-mail me if you would like to:

  1. Share a slice together (social media promo)
  2. Have advice on any new pizzerias to check out.
  3. Know of an interior designer in NY
  4. OR know of a fantastic looking interior pizzeria.

I’m traveling to NYC and covering a few stories. One feature will be on Restaurant Interior Design. The dates I have open are October 25, 26, or 28th.


Thank you!


Sauce Pizza is a new kid on the block I hear is doing things right…John’s on bleaker. Lombardi’s if you want the original. But I have never been to NY so my list is just from what I hear.

You say interior design. If you mean The way the equipment is arranged we can help you. We have a project in New York And several others across the country on the drawing board. If you are looking for decor that is not our province .George Mills