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Yes we design and sell hoods ,ventilating
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What are the differences between a ps360 and a ps360 wide body?

I know the wide body’s belt is 40" as opposed to 32". Is that the only difference?

Yeah thats the only difference. If you are going to buy a ps360 keep in mind they are really old and out of production. Some of their newer models are a lot more energy efficient and you will spend a little more now but you will save a ton on your gas bill through the years. Ps555 are starting to come down in price into a sweet spot.

Anyone had this issue before? MM360 turns on and heats up as normal. Every now and then I hear a fan revving up and turning on the past week or so. Last fri night about an hour into service, the oven wasn’t cooking the top. I turned it off for 30 seconds and turned it back on and it was fine. Still heard a fan/blower revving up and turning on every so often. Worried it could lead to something else.

Sounds like one of your two blower fans, one at each end of your ovens, is malfunctioning.

Suggest you have a service company in to check. Could quit completely at an inconvenient time.

George Mills

George is 100% right. We also have 2 MM wide belt and I agree with the likely issue and have dealt with it before. Those motors are expensive, take a couple of days to get your hands on and will take 2-3 hours total to swap out. If you can identify which one may be bad you could be ahead to order the part and schedule the work when it is convenient to you (i.e. early in AM when you are closed!) rather than waiting for it to fail and having to deal with it on the fly. This is especially true if you have only one oven because this could close you down for a few days.