Need Pasta help and suggestions

Hey everyone we currently have a food truck doughboys Pizza and we have been approached by the air Force Base to open a pizzeria inside the exchange but they want pasta now I can make a pizza look good but I have no clue on pasta any help suggestions would be great. I know a lot of you are using like lasagna and other style I was looking at maybe doing like a spaghetti bowl but is this something that can be easily cooked in a pizza oven without changing bunch of settings

Hi Jess, sounds like an exciting opportunity! Don’t be intimidated by pasta, it’s easy if you keep it simple and its profitable. My family’s pizzeria (take out & delivery only) offers lasagna, spaghetti and mostaccioli. For the spaghetti & most. we boil the pasta “al dente” style, in advance (daily). After we drain the noodles, let them cool and we store them in a container (drizzle a little olive oil to prevent sticking). Once someone places an order that day, we use 7" or 9" round aluminum tins. We put a light layer of sauce on the bottom of the container, add the noodles then a large amount of sauce on top. Lastly we add the cooked meatballs or cooked italian sausage on top, drizzle w/ olive oil. We run it thru our conveyor pizza oven approximately 3 times. After the first time around, we cover it with foil for the remainder of cooking. After it comes out we put the clear lid on top and serve it with garlic bread and a side salad.

We pretty much do the same for lasagna except we make a large tray in advance but we do not cook it (besides the noodles). When someone places an order, we cut out a square and place it in the aluminum container (again with a light layer of sauce on the bottom and top again), on the last round in the oven, we add the mozzarella on top. If you add mozzarella in the beginning and have to cook it for a long time, the cheese will be rubbery on top. (Make sure the middle of lasagna isn’t cold!)

You’ll have to experiment with what you have but once you figure it out, it’ll be great. Hope that helps!

Good luck

Thanks. I did play around with this yesterday. And my wife said it was the best spaghetti she’s ever had. I added fresh garlic and parsley to the sauce. Cooked it in the 7in pan for 5 min at 510 deg and was perfect. Didn’t know it was so easy.

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To keep the cheese from browning as much on top try a foil sheet

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We do put lasagna in the oven.
Already cooked lasagna. Microwave for 2 mins
Then in the oven for 7 mins. We add cheese in the beginning.
Its come out perfect.