need pizza warmer

any suggestions on a pizza warmer? I am looking for a table top model that can hold 3 or more cooked pizza and keep them warm. I am close to a high school that has 3 lunch periods and each period is only 45 min. i would like to have cooked pizzas so that they can get in and out. I know that some you add water to and some are dry heat, which is better? Thanks in advance for any help.

I us eone with a humidity controll on it and I think it keeps the pizzas fresher for a longer perriod of time. Look on ebay or try a new/used equipment supplier I got mine 5 years ago for 400.00 it holds 4 pizzas up to 16" and has a light inside and also rotates. We sell about 40-50 slices a day to the school kids for 1.49 each we use a 14" cut into 8 slices.

Hatco has some very nice products to do just what you are looking for either in humidity control or just dry heat. I would go with the humidy display cabinet if you are holding for any significant time, but if you are doing a buffett type deal then just a heated shelf type might do the trick. Good luck

Holding cabinets that do not have humidity control tend to give the pizza a waxy appearance after a while in the box. Operators who use these like them because they don’t soften the crust as much as the humidified boxes do. They get around the appearance by using only a portion of the cheese on the pizza, then when a slice is ordered they put the remainder of cheese onto the slice and put it back into the oven (countertop conveyors are great for this application because they can be sey to give the majority of heat to the top of the slice where it is needed to melt the cheese. The humidified boxes also work well for a slice operation, but the humidity softens the crust while keeping the toppings looking a lot more attractive. In this application you can use a full compliment of cheese on the pizza and just pop a slice into the oven (deck ovens work well here as you are really trying to crisp up the crust portion) when it is sold. I’ve seen a lot of thick crust slices sold right out of the heated and humidified cabinets too. Not the way I would do it, but they were doing it successfully so I can’t say too much more about the practice. I’ve personally used the Hatco Boxes with good success, but there are other good holding boxes out there too. Take your pick.
BTW: I wrote an article on this very topic some time ago but can’t remember if it was for PMQ or Pizza Today, a quick check of the archived articles will find it.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Like pizzaguy sugguested, there are many to choose from on ebay. We bought one of those Rodreguez Bakery warmers. I think it was about $400 new, with humidity control. Pros: it’s really light to haul around since it’s all aluminum and plexiglass ( we use ours at community functions), you can hold up to six pizzas with three open ones sitting on top of three boxed pizzas, and the new price is around the same as other used models. Con: no rotating shelves, such as Hatco.
Tom R