Need some advice on issue with my printing compnay..

Hey guys, havent posted in a while, I have a problem with a guy i use for a while now and every two months i usually print flyers and door hangers thru him. Last time i print 30k door hangers for a really good deal and now this time i sent him an email wanting to only print 15k this time because i plan to make changes with in a month. so i am thinking he will charge me alot les then 30k of course but he sends me an invoice (hasnt delivered the 15k yet) the invoice was more $100 more then the print job for 30k!!.. I freaked out called him up and he said well we had a price increase and goes into like when you print half of something does mean the cost is going to be half, I tell him that i understand that it wont be cut in half but not same price as for 30k…

Well he said he will look into it and give me a call back to see what we can do there. I told him well go ahead and print me 30k then ill just pay the same price as last time and if you have a price increase fine ill pay a little more too.

What should i do here? What would you guys do?

he brought me my menus and they were the same price as last time so i payed for that.


I don’t think you have much of a complaint since you didn’t ask him about prices before you ordered. I have always asked for at least a “ballpark price” before I committed to any order for anything, even when my salesperson was my son. He quoted me menus at one time and I could buy 50k pieces for close to the same price as 20k. It has to do with their set-up time as much as anything.

If he is willing to lower the price to keep you a happy customer, thank him profusely for both the pricing concession and the lesson learned.

I do not sell much in the way of printed flyers…However, my best guess is that my upcharge for 15k versus 30k would be about 17% to 30%…So I can not see any circumstances where the total price for 15k would be more than 30k…As far as the printer, I think it is a very bad business practice to print an order without a client confirming the order including cost and quantity…

Yes i am on that one with you… now this guy has been printing for me for a while and we had no probelms… before i printed 10k 5k sometimes and it was fine now this time without notice or anything before starting the printing sends me an invoice of that much.