Need some help guys.... We have done this a few times

We are currently in the top 16 of our local “best of” competition and need all the votes we can to get us into the top 8 where the judges finally do a tasting. Please click on the link and vote for Bear Country Pizza & Pastry.\

Thanks Everyone!!!


Done …good luck



Done from downunder


and I always thought the BC was for Boston…but I still voted lol :lol:



Done…Good luck…

Votes in.

Wudda voted 4 or 5 times, but your not in Chicago, so they permitted only one.

Glad to repay the favor…was in a similar situation a few months back. Good luck!

Thanks for the help guys! Im pretty confident once we get past this voting stage the pizza will do the talking. Ill keep you all posted on how things go.

Done and good luck!


done. i wish i had smth like this in my area :frowning:


Check with the local paper alot of time they are the ones who put on these things. I didnt even know about it untill someone told me after the nomination process had already started.

Most often these are used by newspapers, magazines, etc. to sell ads to the winners…