Need some items ASAP ...

Hi guys, I need some help sourcing these items:

A little Help Ova heeeee!!!

Are you looking to get these items (or similar) with your logo on them?

Yes, I want them reproduces just as you see them in the photos. same logo

glassware 500 each

Napkins and mis items 1000 or so per month

I’ll work on quoting them for you now. If I get a quote to you by Monday - would that be ok?

that would be amazing!!!

by the way do you do your sticky ads nation wide or just in wa ?

Nation Wide! Pizza places are sticking notes left and right all over the country! Let me know if you want to see some samples of those - I can e-mail you a scan of just a few of the notes that we’ve done… Just PM me your e-mail.

I need OC (orange county) area of CA.

Are you thinking of Notes as Boxtoppers or Doorhangers? Or do you want to run a Post-it on the front page of the Orange County Register? Either way… I’m the person to talk to - let me know and I’ll know what info to get to you.

post its on the cover of the paper

Barcelona - I have your quote done - PM me your e-mail and I will send it over to you. I also have info for you on running a note on the front of the OC Register.