Need some software help

I currently have Speedline as my POS.
I will often take names from the frequent or lazy customer list and transfer it, via thumb drive, to my back office computer.
I will then “clean it up” in the excel spreadsheet. My problem lies in that I do not know how to convert the excell info into Word so I can print out the names and addressess on mailing labels.
Can anyone give me simple, step by step directions on how to convert an excel spreadsheet to mailing labels in Word?
Thanks for the help.

You can print labels right from the Excel file…Or you can do a “mail merge” if you want to do a form letter with “data” from Excel placed in the letter…

The Letters and Mailings wizard in Word is pretty straightforward, but if you get stuck, give me a call, and I’ll walk you through it: 888-400-9185 ext. 2217. Note that the steps are a little different in some versions of Word.