Need spaghetti container ideas

I am putting together a family spaghetti special that I want to keep on the menu. My kicker is finding a good (read “affordable”) container to house the whole deal in. It nees to hold at least 3 lbs of spaghetti plus sauce and meatballs. Ideally, I could put foil wrapper on the spaghetti and put the toasted flatbread on that, under the lid.

I am looking at some Solo paper buckets right now. They are basically the KFC chicken buckets with some lid options. The problem with them is going to be cost, since I may have to use the grease resistant ones. Still a little steep if I can get away with the untreated (no wax or Scotchban).

Anyone out there doing a large volume spaghetti deal or using a large container that might work? If I use a plain white container, I can put a printed label on it. There will be a “cool” factor as well in serving a “family bucket” of spaghetti . . . bundling opportunities . . yadda . . . yadda. I just need a container to put it in :?

I use a Veratainer 58 oz rectangular box for my family pasta dishes.
I like them because they’re hefty enough to handle the weight of the pasta, sauce, and meatballs. We put the garlic bread in a separated syrofoam container. What I like most about these boxes are that they are microwaveable, so leftovers can be easily reheated. What I dislike most about these boxes are that the lids don’t stay on terribly great. Our workaround is to put a rubber band around it.

Correction= Versatainer by Newspring

I would have edited it, but that’s whole other issue.

Are these the pressware containers that are dual ovenable? How much pasta can you get into that 58oz model? I am going to be mass cooking noodles today or tomorrow and will find out the volume of 3lbs of cooked pasta.

No, these are not dual ovenable containers. They are made of polypropylene. See for more details.

In a 58 oz. box, I’m able to get 30 oz. of cooked spaghetti, 15 meatballs (1 1/2 oz. ea), 15 fl. oz. of sauce, and 3 3/4 oz. of mozzarella cheese. It pretty much maxes out the box. That’s probably the reason why the lid doesn’t stay on too good for us.

USFoods carries Newspring stuff. I’m sure your rep can get you a sample.

Got a price per each for those? I am also looking at that line for souffle cups for portioning sauces . . . microwavable is nice!

I use a foil pan…its a half pan, half size…works great for us and the cost is good…about .65 each
I will say the above container looks nice

Ask your US rep about the versatainer. We checked into it before and although they were perfect they were about 1.40 each. They come in all different sizes and lids lock on nice. You may want to just check out your local dollar store or walmart for foil pans, glad type containers. We found some great plastic containers for about 80 cents and they are microwavable. We don’t sell hardly any but have them on hand.

Also be careful putting foil over spaghetti…sometimes the acid from the sauce causes the foil to “melt” (lack of a better word)


I use 9 " round foil containers with plastic dome lids. For family style either 1/2 pan or full pan aluminum catering pans. Very affordable and they look good.

We use the 1/2 steamtable pan for large catering or family size pastas or salads. It works well and it relatively inexpensive.

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