Need the hole size for a perforated steam table pan.

Does anyone have a Full Size perforated steam table pan?
I need to know how large the perforated holes are in them.

The only info the Manufacturer had for me was “I think it’s around ¼” holes”

I’m looking to put a perforated pan inside a solid pan… dump the fries into the pans, and let the grease and salt fall though the holes while I’m able to scoop the fries with a fry scoop. I use 3/8” cut fries and my only concern is if the fries will 1. fall through the holes and 2. if the fry “tips” will get cut off if they get stuck in the holes and the scoop chops them when trying to scoop them up. That sound right? Lol

Thanks all!

don’t worry - the holes are small enuf 2 do the task @ hand…I dump my fries in a large s/s bowl, salt & toss…if you shake the basket a few times, that’ll fine as well…

excellent… thanks for the info!