Need to find distibutor of bakers yeast

I have recently bought an old pizza recipe and am going to open my own pizza place. The dough recipe calls for bakers yeast, The food distributor in my area, which is just south of Chicago, does not carry it and can’t find. Would you know of a distibutor of bakers yeast in the midwest.

how much you paid for it if you do not mind?

That seems odd. USFoodservice, my primary food source, sells dry active bricks and instant dried. Pizza specialty vendors should easily have options. I don’t say this as recommendation, but Roma/Vistar should have some as well.

  1. What is “bakers yeast”

  2. Why would you buy a pizza receipe?

Im sorry, what I was looking for is cake yeast, not bakers yeast.

bodegahwy…I bought the recipe from a lady who owned the best pizza around when I was kid. She retired years ago from the pizza business and would not sell it to anyone. Now I have it

baker’s yeast , cake yeast ,compressed yeast all means one thing =fresh live yeast
you can use instant dry yeast it wont effect your out come at all. to convert your formula /pizza recipe from cake yeast to instant dry yeast divide the amount of cake yeast by 3, so if you are using 3 ounces of cake yeast use 1 ounce of instant dry yeast.
when adding the instant dry yeast add it directly to the flour you do not have to activate it .
SAF is a good brand of dry instant yeast and most people have it .
TY and good luck

Ya gotta be kiddin’!
All of the "normal"yeast that we use is “baker’s yeast”. If nuthin’ else, go to the supermarket and buy some yeast, it’ll be baker’s yeast. Think Red Star Yeast (either as compressed, active dry or instant dry yeast) then there is SAF as instant dry yeast, and then there is Fermipan IDY, and the list just keeps going on. If all else fails, give Sandi Cazalet at call at LESAFFRE Yeast Corp. (SAF) 413-575-5630 or e-mail her at I’m betting that she’ll be glad to send you a pound of SAF instant dry yeast to experiment with.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I just switched over from “fresh/compressed/cake” yeast to Instant yeast this week… the cake yeast started turing crappy so I had to switch.
Seeing as though your in S. Chicago goto GFS and get a thing of yeast, they have both ADY and IDY. I listened to this guy here ^^^ (thanks Tom) and went with IDY because I dont have to “activate” it like you do with ADY.