need your feedback: condiments

Would you like to be included in a story I’m writing for PMQ about condiments? If you can answer any of the below questions (or have anything at all to say about this subject!), email me with your answers at Thanks!

What condiments do you use in your pizzeria? Are you thinking of adding others? Why did you decide to offer these?
What do the condiments go with–your pizza, chicken wings, breadsticks, etc.?
Do you charge extra for them–if so, how much? Do you specifically market them as add-on items?
Have any advice on introducing new condiments in a pizzeria?

I’ll need to hear from you by Monday, Sept. 22! (Let me know if you need more time.) And don’t forget to let me know your full name, title, pizzeria name and city/state. Thanks!
Tracy Morin
Managing Editor, PMQ

our most popular condiment is banana peppers never heard of them till we moved south from the west coast we buy them buy the gallon jug then put them in 2 oz cups we give them away with our pizzas upon cust. request 1 with med pie 2 cups with large pie we dont charge for them and people really appreciate that if they would like more there free also but not to many people need more than that.we also give out pepperchinis and jalepenos but not very often.