Need your input for a marketing section of the site

We are just about done putting the final touches on the new website.

Something I’ve been put in charge of working on full time is a section of the site that teaches about successful marketing, explains how it works, and then gives you the tools to pursue your own campaign through business partnerships.

What I wanted to know was currently what marketing do you guys run (direct mail, radio spots, etc…) and if you would find it beneficial to have a place on our site you could go to that would walk you through, step by step, and help you along.

Currently we are working on partnerships with a listing company that would provide address for POS population and mass mailings(with some really innovative features for narrowing down selection based on carrier route, I just got done participating in a walk through with the company), a sign making company that also produces car top signs, an online training company that gives certified courses in food safety, sexual harassment laws, pizza making procedure, etc…

I’m really excited about getting this put together and wanted some feedback about what you guys would like to see in it, or your experiences with pursing your own marketing campaigns.

Basically what I want to create is a place that someone can go, that knows nothing about marketing, to successfully start advertising their product.