Need your opinion !!

Hello Forum,
This is my first question posed to the forum so please forgive me if this has been discussed prior or if I’m in the wrong area for topic… With all due respect to all, I have no intentions for arguement or starting any wars!!

We are in the process of remodeling a restaurant in our area and have a Wood Stone pizza oven that must be removed from the building,new owner will not be making pizzas and needs the space. The oven is ours for the taking NC but there are cost that we will incur to remove this piece. Is this WoodStone oven worth it’s weight in resale value or should we just torch cut it apart and toss it into the dumpster??

Like any quality tools there are good one and there are others, to remove this oven from the building we must remove a 12’x12’ skylight that is located in the center of the dining room and crane it out from the street. No way it’s going through any of the doors. I estimate the costs to be between $1400-$2000 Permit for crane on street,crane time,man power,cartage to my garage!! The lift is really not the problem weight is only 4600 LBS.

Just looking for some opinions who may have knowledge on this unit…
The unit is a WOOD STONE model# WS-MS-6 RFG-IR

Thanks in advance for any input… Frank

I cannot comment on the value of this style oven once you find a buyer but I do know that these are not in common use and there is a very limited market for these. I think you may find more people familiar with these ovens over at as I think I have seen some discussions there about them. My advice would be that if there isn’t a significant upside potential, the small potential market for this would make me decide to cut it up and trash it. If you list it on craigslist as scrap, you’ll likely find someone to come and do the cutting and hauling for you!