needs some fresh input

I want to put a box marked FREE PIZZA on my beb site, If you click on it, it then prompts you to sign up for our email marketing,
after doing so it redeems a free small pizza coupon.
seems strait forward but 2 things come to mind.
first people print 50 of them
or if its a link then people can forward to all there friends
Im not that internet security smart so could really use some ideas.

Why not issue a voucher with their email and postal address on it and say its only valid for delivery at that address (1 per address and only one use).

You can then track if you’ve issued any to that address previously to avoid people using multiple email addresses.

I’m thinking of doing this as well so please let us know how you get on with this.

Hope this helps!

This would require a little more work…but why not just have it where you email them a numbered certificate after they sign up. That way you have their info in your system and you know they are only getting one to that email address. Now people will use multiple email addresses to get more free ones I am sure…it’s very hard to stop this unless you actually mail out hard certificates to physical addresses. Look at what happen to KFC and the Oprah show just a few months ago with their grilled chicken coupons. That ended up costing KFC millions in unexpected free food costs. Personally I would not give them a free pizza just for signing up. Why not make it a package offer. Sign up and get a buy one get one free? Free toppings? Free Breadsticks? There are alot of options instead of just the totally free offer. I just think you will get too many kids that will go for the one time free pizza and tell 20 friends each to get one too and in the end you only really market to 20% of the people that actually got a free pizza. Just my thoughts. :smiley:

I’m considering a similar promotion as my website will be up soon. For me, instead of a pizza I’m going to give away a t-shirt for signing up for the email club. I’ll make it contingent on a pizza purchase so I won’t really mind if it gets abused.

What do you do on Friday night at 7pm when two customers walk in with the same voucher? And as you say doesn’t deal with multiple email addresses. I know that you’ll never stop someone determined to do this but hey I’ve got 3 active email addresses.

So to add to my previous post maybe the voucher would need to have, email address, name, address and contact number. Proof of ID or delivery to that address required.

That’s why I said maybe mail out an actually coupon voucher that is numbered like a gift certificate. Something that is printed and numbered for you and not something that can be just copied and reused. It’s a little more expense but if you make it a buy one get one or something like that and you get to expand your market data base…it would probably be worth the expense and time. Thoughts?

ok, sorry I missed that point. Yep I guess the cost would be higher and it seems a little contradictory to mail out physical coupons as an incentive for email sign up??

One thing to remember is to make the process and ‘OPT IN’ for email marketing.

Paul - I kinda agree with your approach. I’m not saying your wrong at all but I’d be interested on what your views are about the quality of the email addresses you’d get if you are already accepting it may be abused and at the end of the day that’s what you after?.