Nemco Easy Chopper II, anybody ?

Anybody got a Nemco Easy Chopper II ?

…looks like it may best fit my needs for chopping my onions and bell peppers, and slicing my mushrooms…

any feedback appreciated,

Check for some past posts that I wrote Otis. I asked this same question maybe 6 months ago. I never did anything (still hoping to do something soon) but I got some answers and it was helpful. I’ll try to search later if you can’t find it.


thanks Scott, I have been the same route…
a number of people have the Easy Slicer which seems like a very versitale machine and a best value…
for me, I just want to dice and slice onions, peppers, and mushrooms for now and the chopper may be the better option for me now…
I wish I could find a pizza shop owner that has one,


Looks like it was older then 6 months ago maybe. I can’t find it. I think Paul was one of the ones who responded. I was specifically trying to decide which size to go with.


I haven’t used that particular device, but have used a “french fry cutter” for onions and peppers. Honestly, I don’t like diced veggies because of the “pick off” factor. The device would “juice” the veggies some, especially the peppers. The pusher would be a pain to clean as bits of veggies would get stuck in the mesh.

The Nemco Easy Chopper has slicer blades too Snow. Which is what I think both Otis and I are interested in.


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what brand snowman, lots out there…
I prefer the diced onions and I understand the Easy Slicer only slices and shreds,

I’ve had the Nemco french fryer for over 12 years now, it gets used daily for carrot sticks and diced onions. In that time I have bought 3 sets of replacement blades, one whole set of cutting block and pusher block(last year), and one pusher block. We would be lost without it. I think it has some very good advantages.

  1. EMPLOYEE SAFETY—how some people use knives, I’m sure I would have sent someone to the hospital by now with a missing finger or arm.
  2. TIME SAVING—it takes longer to peel the onions and carrots than to cut them.
  3. MONEY SAVING—it’s been a long time, but we used to buy our carrots precut, and we figured the machine was paid for within the first year.

The thing works by pressure, onions, green peppers and mushrooms should be fine going through it, if you can cut something by pushing (not sawing) a knife through it, it will be fine going through the cutter, (tomatoes don’t work so good)

Clean up isn’t difficult, I just use a knife (non cutting side down) through the cross grid of the pusher block to loosen up the food and then just swirl it in the water.

I know this isn’t the product you were asking about—but it is very similar.

…spoke with Nemco rep, they recommended the Easy Chopper II anf the otional 1/4" blade assembly for dicing peppers and onions and slicing mushrooms…there are also optional 3/8" and 1/2" blades
…MSRP is $315 and $131…our cost, about 60% less from distributors…

I use one in my shop, and love it! It is 1/4" and I have even diced ham with it. I can peel, cut and dice a bag of onions in about 15 mins.

We use the chopper…used 2 slice by hand…another place got me hooked…real ease to use & great when portioning…

I cut onions 1st, then peppers, then mushrooms…takes just seconds…clean-up is a breeze…

thank you all, the chopper with the 1/4" blade dicer seems like the way to go for me,

The Nemco Easy fry cutter, as refered to by others, does the sane thing but gives better leverage for cutting items like onions. Some have hurt their arms on the Easy chopper by contact with the vertical rods that guide the pusher.

George Mills

Hey it took me clicking on the link to realize I have one of those. I do not use it however. I cut my stuff on a slicer…old school.

I also have the French fry one too.