Nemco Easy slicer help needed - maintanence

Does anyone out there who uses the Nemco adjustable slicer have some good info for me? I have been thrilled with mine, and it is a workhorse in the shop. The only problem we now have is that the “latch” that secures the hub of the slicing blade has become nearly impossible to move. We use pliers at this point. I suspect it is a simple maintain issue, like foodgrade silicone lube, but I don’t see where to put it.

Anyone know what I’m talking about and have some good news? Right now we mostly just clean it completely assembled, which is far more time consuming than apart.

There’s a video on their website … licer.aspx


THANK YOU! I went to that page several times, but never watched the video . . . and even missed the PDF files to download.

Turns out the guy I bought this used from snapped off the cotter pin that makes remove simple. I now know what to engineer to get it completely apart. Thanks again.