Nemco easy slicer users, Nick

what blade(s) should I get on the Nemco easy slicer,
adjustable, fixed shredder or cuttter 1/8, 3/16, or 5/16…
are the fixed interchangable…

I have the adjustable, and am very pleased. This model costs more in the new equipment aisles. The other blades are actually cutting wheels, I believe. You push a lever and pull one out of the base unit and put another one in and push the lever back. They also sell shredding disks/wheels that can be placed into the base the same way.

If you pretty much use one thickness of stuff anyway, then that is probably a feasible choice. I used 3/8 as my preferred thickness for onions, peppers and mushrooms, so that could work for me if I went that route. The adjustable gives me more flexibility for potatoes and such if I want a wafer thin for potato chips or chunky slice for a baked something or other.

…is the adjustable shredder and/or slicer ?

Adjustable is slicer only. The shredder disks are single sized, and require one for each kind of shred you want. I don’t have a shredding disk yet, but plan to get one.

I think I want to “shred” my bell peppers and onions.
I get peppers in cans now, some strips, some diced, and buy the onions diced.
Am I thinking correctly that I need the shredder disk ?

If I understand, you want to shred your vegetables like someone does cheese . . . in which case a shredding wheel/disk is what you would want.

I use the adjustable slicer, and slice off rings for onions and pepper. I get a 1/8 cut really nice. Fast cooking and I can use less product weight to get enough flavor compared to the thicker cut rings. Go figure.

I don’t think shredding veggies will work very well. First, you’re likely to “juice” your veggies in the process. Second, remember that some folks will “pick off” the things they don’t like. The veggies need to be a reasonable size to pick off. To me, diced is not a reasonable size to pick off.