Nemco Easy Vegetable Slicer

Anyone have something like this.
Love it … hate it…

Thanks for the input.


Love Love Love it. We slice all our vegetables with it – a real time saver.

I use the Nemco Easy Onion slicer and love it. Recently found a brand new “display model” on ebay for a little over $100. Figured it was about time to replace my old one. … =288844072

I went into the Campus store this morning and someone had dropped the insert that holds the blades and broken it in half… please, give me a moment to mourn the greatest kitchen tool ever invented.

Brad -
If I’m not mistaken I think that is the part that broke on ours last year. My husband called Nemco and we just bought that part and fixed it.

Had one for 12 years. Love it. Will buy another if/when we ever need to. We use it for veggies and for slicing up whole cooked chicken breast. (we run the chicken through twice)

Yeah, they do sell individual parts for it - I just ordered one through my restaurant supply guy. Also, I just saw in the order guide that there is a shredder attachment available for it too!

I broke mine last year changing out the blades. Got the replacement blade holder from if I recall correctly. MAKE SURE YOU LUBE THE SCREWS WHEN YOU INSTALL NEW BLADES! I broke mine trying to remove the screws using heavier duty tools than should be used on such a device.
We use ours daily and can’t imagine doing prep without having this or something similar, my only complaint is that the blades dull quickly because they tend to get banged around during handling and washing. With fresh blades you can even slice ripe tomatos with it, I can’t seem to resharpen them as good as new for some reason.


Can a bother get an ‘AMEN’? All hail the greatest kitchen tool I have stumbled blindly across. I have an OLD model I got off Craig’s list, and it is the bomb-diggity, even though it has some ‘issues’ that we have to live with (like a gently bent axle). get one, and you will love it:

PROS: fast vegetable processing
consistent slicing by unskilled laborers (cannot be overstated)
easy of cleaning
adjustable thickness gives exceptional flexibility
Portable from one station to another
Parts are easy to find
Can get various styles of blades
Shredding blade will rock through some cheese
Company with long and storied track record of manufacturing and service
Easy to resell if you have some reason to unload it . . . real easy . . . I’d buy another one.

Blades do tend to dull with careless handling
best to wash/rinse immediately and carefully by hand
can be a little awkward finding a storage location
Price is a little steepish at nearly $400 unless you find a good discount

And to think that in the last kitchen job I had before opening my delco more than a decade later I used slice about 10-15 lbs of mushrooms per day by hand…

Now that task takes about 10 minutes including clean-up.

Anyone else notice how frightened that pepper looks in the picture?

HI PL Pizza:

We Have many clients using that slicer. It comes in an adjustable model or as a fixed thickness of 1/8 in,
3/16 in or 1/4 in.

It can be clamped on a table or a permanent base can be installed.

George Mills

We’ve bolted ours to the table
does anyone use the pictured suction cup mounting board? and hows that working for you?
I didnt buy one because i wasn’t sure how sturdy it is
(and because my wife won’t let me spend any money)


I’ve never used their slicer, but I do use their dicer/chopper as I prefer a smaller product…works great as well

We were seemingly the only ones noticing the slicer that was attached to a used veg. sink we purchased at auction before we got opened up. I picked up a nice SS sink, with the Nemco attached to it for a staggering $15.00! Yeah…if you find one, buy one. Super easy in the middle of a crush to run a couple more cukes through it when the salad table runs dry!

Thanks for the input.

I’m going to add this to my Christmas list. :smiley: