Nerves getting the best of me...??

Ok so im about to purchase and existing place. The area does have a lot of independant places but i am confident in what i can do to make that area mine. But now as the time is getting closer for me to possibly take over, im getting really nervous, is this normal. I mean im only 22 i think im doin the right thing by starting young. New York is cut throat when it comes to pizza so i have to be on my game to succeed. Im just starting to second guess myself, and i dont know why.

its the guys that are not nervous and expect to be making money from the start that usually end up failing…be prepared to pay your dues, but you are not crazy…this business does involve RISK

Having been born and raised in NY I know what you mean about the pizza industry there. It is different than any other place I’ve worked(I’ve worked pizza in NY,NJ and PA).

You are right for being nervous, it’s a big step opening your own place. There was an issue of PMQ a couple of months ago that dealt with the questions you must ask yourself before taking the plunge. … penitright

yeah your right. I actually have that link saved and refer to it it quite frequently. Right now i plan on moving into the place and running what it has for the first 2-3 monthes so people can get accustomed to me then i plan to really start doin what i want with the place adjust some recipes and see how people respond to it… my plan ultimately is to run this place and open on more of a sit down pizzeria kind of along the line of what pyzanos does. I hope i do well and i am able to keep this place as well as open a new one down the road. The place has some stiff competiton … But everywhere in suffolk county NY is flooded with pizzerias. I guess its do or die… can be sucessful without taking risks

I bought my place at 22, Im 23 now. Its a sit down place in astoria seats 35. Great shop. Just wondering, how much are you buying yours for. So far business is way up since last year. Place has only been open for 2 years. I am putting a hurting in the area. But I have it up for sale since I realized this just isnt for me. If you want to jump into a sit down pizzaria in Queens, hit me up and take a look at my place. Im sure it will blow what you buying out the water. Ive looked at places for 2 years before I found the right one. Just finding a clean place that acutally does the biz the owner says it does took a while


Whats the Rent?

if you talking about my place. 2100 a month, 2800sf full basement, 8 years left 5 year option

I understand totally…I haven’t used a deck oven in 20 years and just purchased a place with deck ovens. You talk about nerves…
You will do just fine just keep your chin up and don’t let the other guys get to you. Your restaurant is just that “your restaurant” something you own and operate. It’s scary out there with the cut throat operations just remember your place is unique “[size=7]IT’S YOURS[/size]” :smiley:

i would say just make sure u have everything set up. Make sure u have ur menus set up, work on marketing b4 you open. If you have bars in the area, b4 you open take them some samples, same thing with pool halls, just make sure u bring plenty of menus with. And maybe even have a few laminate ones in case the bars want you to leave some there.