new business

just thought i’d let you guys know about a catering job we just got. we were contacted by a bride who wanted us to “cater” her wedding. Actually what we will be doing is handing out 75 small pizzas to her guests when they leave the reception. We’ve never done this before and it just got me thinking about how many weddings we’ve missed out on. I am going to start contacting event organizers in out area and start trying to do more of this type of business. Just wanted my fellow pizza makers to know these opportunnities were out there. I’ve been doing this for about 15 years and this is the first wedding we’ve done, maybe there are some orders like this for you guys as well. za

I witnessed the Marriage Rite, (I’m a Perm.Deacon in the Catholic Church in one of my “lives”) of a young lady who had worked at one of our local pizza places while she was in High School. Being one of the more practical people I’ve run across, she opted to have her old employer cater her reception. I’d guess there were about 130 people there, the local store had their manager (to guarantee everything was right) and one of their best oven guys doing all the work from prep to delivery and setup. It was great. (the service and atmosphere…their pizza has gone south in the last 15 or so years but b/c no competition (till I get in) they are packed all the time).

I know of one other couple that also opted on this treatment, as much for cost as for the way it complimented the casual event they were trying to establish. It’s gone over well both times I’ve witnessed it. I’m sure it was a huge boon to the restaurant as well and they seemed to have no trouble running the reception orders in with their regular Saturday night stuff.

The other place to hit in the wedding category, is the rehersal dinners.

I’ve done quite a few of these, especially if the groom or bride is from out of town, where they are not just feeding the wedding party and family, but other family members and friends that have traveled to be there.
And and added bonus, from these 90% of the time we have quite a few pizzas going to the reception later at night. (especially if alcohol is being served).