The Think Tank 2.0 also houses the classifieds now. Just simple go to or click “Classifieds” in the black menu bar above. The same login will work for Think Tank and Think Tank 2.0 - posting your classifieds with PMQ has never been easier.

Very nice…Very easy…Thank You PMQ…

Still not understanding why you have it separate from the forum index. Can’t you make it like the rest of the forum? So people could post information, ask questions, or give their rants or raves about something etc etc? I’ve never seen a classified in a forum that’s separate from the rest…

The forum is part of the Think Tank 2.0 community. The Classifieds is a module of the community just as the forum is. You can reply to listings in the classifieds if you wish to make comments about the items listed.

I would agree that the classifieds would be better as part of the think tank forum. I think replacing the “healthy pizza” part of the forum would work well seeing as it only had seven posts in all of 2008. I glanced at the classified ad for the pizza shop in colorado springs and found no obvious way to ask something of the seller. Classifieds would get more attention in a forum where people can banter back and fourth about the listing.

Thank you for agreeing with me! I thought I was the only one that saw it that way.