New Competition coming to town

In Oklahoma Loves gas stations have been adding Godfathers Pizza to their food stuff

now our local store is adding it any suggestions on how to combat it,

a little info on our dems small town of 4k my shop, 2 gas station pizza

Godfathers I think will make a dent in our sales


Do the gas station pizzas sell just like slices or individual pizzas or are they essentially like a carryout pizzeria?

Just keep doing what your doing, but just do it better and smarter. Do a Grand Re- Opening the same day that they plan on opening. And market the heck out of it.

Godfather’s Pizza sucks. Advertise “Support Local Businesses” or “Buy Local” or something along the lines of that. Keep your quality up so only the value customers go there and you retain the rest of the customer base. Don’t sink to their level or you’ll go under.

Have they opened yet, how was it received?

Ignore it. They are mostly going to sell it to people that were in their store anyway and buying something else.

Don’t fight them with discounts. As soon as you drop your price, that’s the new price.

I remember a long time ago sitting outside of another shop counting cars and thinking about lost sales and customers. And I thought back to what somebody said to me and at that moment and realized I was watching the wrong shop. (Somebody once told me not to waste time worrying about what the other guy is doing, worry about what you are doing. Good product, good service, fair price)

New ad campaign: Friends don’t let friends do Gas Station Pizza!

Just kidding. Don’t worry about them. MrHowie is right. Focus on what you do and remember: Quality, Price & Service; pick any two.

I like your style Steve you doing Vegas again

Close your shop down the weekend they do their grand opening. They’ll be so overwhelmed by the amount of business they’ll put out a terrible product with poor service. Your customers will come running back with horror stories. Lol jk

I never let my competition know if I have to close. It definitely will overwhelm your closest competitor causing for a night of terrible service, ecspecially late deliveries Your customers will be thinking the whole time how they would never have to deal with this type of service with your shop. Kind of a crazy approach but it makes me feel better thinking that when I have to close down for maintenance or repairs or whatever.

I sure wish my competition would think like this, I’d love it if they would shut down for a day or two.

I’ll close when Im dead.