New competiton coming to us soon.

Have heard some strong whispers than Dominos and another pizza outlet will be coming to a new development 100 mts up the road from us - right across from the Eagle Boys franchise store that opened 15 months ago.
We were expecting Doms to come as their other store just 3km away is over trading and they have been searching for a site around us for some time. Te other one is unknown.
Doms are going into an expansion of a fast food strip that has Maccas, a local Chicken outlet, a chinese restaurant, a drive through coffee outlet and a fish 'n chips shop.
This time around we probably won’t do anything to try and combat Doms as they are already established close by and the Eagle Boys had no impact on us. We will let the cheapies fight it ot amongst themselves for the lower end of the market while we continue to put out our quality product.
The other store is unknown but another indie 6km up the road lost his lease and is looking for another site. He did try to get into the extensions in our centre but backed off when he learnt we were there (we were his closest indie competitor and he didn’t even know where we were ???). So if he comes in there won’t be much competition from him based on his previous shop and the many comments we have heard about him and his pizzas.
In the meantime we are just concentrating on doing what we do better and then doing that better again. Thursday night is the big presentation night for the Best Pizzas competition and should we win that it will help us immensely for the future and to combat the competitor influx.
Oh well we have had 4 years with little direct local competition, 15 months with one but with no affect on us and about 9 - 12 months before the others start trading.
Not alarmed but alert to waht is happening. Interesting times ahead. 8)


Dave, your concern is felt and heard by all of us. The good news is your history. You had a little “fear” when EB opened up the road…but like you have said… little or no impact. You hit it right on the nose…let the cheap guys fight for the bottom feeders. As far as the other indie… how do you not know where your closest competition is located? That sums up their ability right there. You just keep making a higher quality product and the people that want a good pizza will continue to show up. Yes you will have a few customers wander…but people want a good meal. Like I have said before and I know this does not fit all locations…but I would rather sell 20 high quality and priced pizzas over 40 oil and cardboard specials that my profit is lost if the kitchen puts an extra ounce of cheese on the thing. People there know who you are and what you offer. Don’t change to combat a problem that is not there. 8)