new competitor

sounds like you’re going to be just fine to me!

We registered our website two years before we eventually opened. I admit I’m a bit of a slacker however as we’re still a couple of weeks away from actually putting the site UP! My bad. We started out using Facebook much as a webpage, worked this far but it’s past-time we get a stand alone site up!

as far as the website goes we are going to b ok, still have some changing around but we are just fine with .net…for now

just found out he is not renewing lease

Clarify please: Not renewing his building lease? If so…gone already and congrats on his lack of business sense and you won and worried about nothing! You and the ones of us that know business knew you would handle this threat with ease! My other thought was he just was not renewing his domain leases on your name? I hope it is my first thought! :!:

What goes around tends to come around and it all seems rather unscrupulous to me. Maybe you should just place a little more faith in your product.

Sorry for being vague, that are not renewing there lease, they have a one year with a five year option.
Having faith in my product is not an issue. LETS BE HONEST. we all think we have a pretty good product, You have to try pretty hard to have a sub standard product.
Stanislaus has representatives out all the time, Tom has one hell of a recipe on line for dough and throw on some grande cheese…BOOM most conveyors with the right disk, cook the pizza even and perfect each time. So to me every threat is a viable one. Seriously just even a little bit of research and your pizza should be better than any chain pizza.

Very true, but unfortunately there’s an awful lot of bad pizza out there.

And with aggressive and effective marketing, a business can be successful even with bad pizza…