New Compressor for my Walk In.

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experience with new compressors? I have a vibration problem that will force me to move my compressor to a new spot. The industrial guy said that there is now a new type of cooling system that fits right on the the outside wall of the walk in ( like an AC unit or like a truck) Before saying amen to all of this I would like to know if anyone has this kind of set up and what kind of requirements are needed to keep my products in top shape. We make our own dough 2 to four times a week.


not sure about that but I have a similar setup where I have the fan remotely located in the basement underneath the cooler. It saves so much in repairs to have the unit located outside of the kitchen…never reallty had any problems for over 7yrs

Hi DPman:

The system you describe will work OK .
You will loose a little space where the unit penitrates the inside wall.

If you want the best system have the compressor mounted out side on the roof that way it does not contribute to the heat in the kitchen.

George Mills

We have the type that George describes… Unit on the roof. No problems for 16 years.

Add me to the remote compressor crowd, it’s on a shelf mounted on the outside wall of our building.
My only problem to date, a squirrel hiding it’s nuts in the unit jammed up the fan blades, the compressor was short-cycling until I found why the fan was not spinning.
[SIZE=1]Wait, did I just say that a squirrel got its nuts caught in a fan by us?[/SIZE]

at least it wasn’t your nuts!

I use a roof top unit also, only problem i ever had is when the roofers (last month) dropped or stepped on the coolant line and “bent” it back to “fix” it. And then try and get away with not saying anything. The landlords ended up getting a $500 bill for that one.

That landlord does hire the some morons :wink: