New Deck Oven

Is there any preparation needed for the deck of a new oven?

Yes, sell it and save 70% on energy and buy a conveyor :slight_smile:

Bring it up to temp. slowly so you dont crack the brick.

Yup, start at 300 degrees, then increase 100 degrees every hour until 600 degrees. They will smoke and smell bad so be prepared. You might also want to get them calibrated if need be.

Good suggestions and very much appreciated.


I put a new one in 2 years ago and I did what steveo said except for one thing. I turned it on and let it burnout the fumes overnight. I have a four deck oven so it took 12 hours to get the smell out. I hope you bake many pizza’s for years to come. We have been lucky enough to bake over 150,000 pizza’s since our install. Only problem we have had is an oven door spring breaking occasionally. Deck ovens are built to last forever.

Isn’t that because the doors are one of the few moving parts?

^^^Exactly! A lot less to worry about :smiley:

I got the jab… ouch* But I’d rather pay my 425$ gas bill now rather than my 1200$ before a month. And, my Middleby has never needed any fixin’, I just do the required running maint. I’ll take the 10k I saved this year! I do think though that decks work best for artisan pizza, we make thin crust, works perfectly. Whatever works best right? Have a good week everyone!

I would much rather have a conveyer oven for the consistency and volume as well.

Wow, that must have been an old oven. My bills are only $300-$400 a month! This is my oven:
And the consistancy is as good as conveyer. We set a timer and pull it out when its done. This oven is awesome!

Nice looking oven. Can it do 200 pies/hour?

Hmmm?? 36 every 10 minutes (if i can load them and unload them in 3 minutes) 36 X 6 = 216. Geuss so. Now if I was that busy my pizza makers would never keep up with the oven.