New Delivery Forum

Ok guys.

We have just made a new forum just for delivery discussions.

This way we can keep the Think Tank on topics of management, marketing, and the general running of a pizzeria.

I’m moving all current topics that have to do with delivery to that forum.

Please keep all driving discussions there.

THANK! YOU! SO! MUCH! It was sooooo needed…

See, every now and then we have a good idea.

I am blown away by the change in moderation. Thank you!

But I don’t get it why you need to be a moderator to even look at that forum??? Or is it just me??? :frowning:

Yeah, my fault. Its fixed now

I was messing around on the back end this morning, I could have very well done that.

Give me a bit to fix it.


You guys are truly brilliant…whoever thought of that one…high five!



I think you need to change the settings on the delivery forum to the same as the main TT forum so you can’t post without logging in.

I didn’t know I messed that up, I’ll fix it.