new disc by Lloyd

any one using those new discs that Tom keeps talking about yet?
how do they stack up in your opinion?

I bought 2 of them…
I have a Q-Matic 36W and the 14 gauge black anodized disks from Q-Matic work better in my oven than the new Lloyd disk which are thinner, I think 16 or 18 gauge and have fewer but much larger holes…
I understand they work well in the impingment ovens…the Q-Matic is radiant heat, bakes more like a deck, and almost as quiet as a deck…I like it,

We tried out several of LLoyd’s disks at the AIB Pizza Technology school and they worked quite well. The most interesting was the new design that has cloud-like holes. You really could not tell where the holes were on the bottom of the crust!

I was also impressed with the enthusiasm and pride of the owner of the company as well as the quality of their manufacturing. Their stuff is rock-solid. I stood on two of the deep dish pans (actually kinda hopped on them) and not only did they hold their shape, they still came apart easily.

We will be using them in our store.