New EDDM Piece

This is the main coupon side of our new EDDM piece, and I am looking for some constructive criticism to move forward with other pieces. Any feedback is welcome. I run a small shop with a conveyor oven, low overhead and just myself and family as staff at the moment, trying to build as a cost friendly DELCO.

I think it looks great. With those prices they should flock in.

I am commenting from the consumer side because I haven’t opened my shop yet. But IMO I would never get the pizza + 2 liter for $10 because next to that offer is a 1 topping for $7.99. I would never consider buying a 2 liter of soda for $2.01. I think the + a 2 liter of soda type deals need to hide how much the cost of the 2 liter is like your other deals do by not being directly comparable.

Second, I personal like like first letters in website capitalized- to me it makes it more readable and easier to memorize.

You have to note that the $7.99 deal is carry out only. Many places give a carry out special to encourage customers to pick up their food. With that being said I quit running a carry out special years ago because I got tired of trying to explain why a large pepperoni was $6.99 if you picked it up but the same exact pizza was $9.99 if it was delivered. $10.00 for large one topping and a 2 liter is an aggressive price, $2.00 for a 2 liter is not much. Grocery store non-sale price for a 2 liter here is $1.70- $1.90 and customers expect to pay more at a restaraunt.


$11.99 is so much cheaper than $12.00, or you should bump it to $12.99. I personally hate the your way, unlimited topping pizzas. I used it once, and people would ask for triple pep, triple sausage, triple cheese, etc. Rarely did they order a pizza they would order without the coupon. Exclude extra cheese and double toppings if nothing else.

What is on the other side of this piece? Can you either post it or email me a copy ( I have some suggestions.

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What kind of response do you get from “Online Only” offers? I have tried in the past and it seems to piss some people off.

Of course I got a complaint last night that the customer had issues placing his online order and if we dont fix the site he will order from someone else so I guess people just complain about everything these days.

I got a fairly decent response from the online only. My policy is if they call in for an online only deal, I obviously get their phone number and as a courtesy take it over the phone for them but politely explain it is an online only deal and would have to be placed online in the future.

When they ask why or if they grumble, I again just explain to them that by pushing people online we allow them more time to look over the menu at their leisure, and require less staff to handle phone calls, in turn passing the productivity savings directly on to them via larger discounted online deals. I have only ever had one complaint (none with my own company) but when I worked for Papa John’s a lady accused us of discrimination against people who were too poor to afford a computer or internet. Can’t please everyone.

Actually many folks do not bother to complain because they think no one is listening…Those folks just go elsewhere without you knowing…

To get some sense of this, start calling lazy clients by phone and get some feedback…

  1. You are not a national chain with cost advantages. Your prices are too low. Food costs about the same everywhere. Assuming you have to pay rent etc, you will go broke with those prices.

  2. In my exerience, that is too many offers on one mailing. It gets cluttered and hard to sort through. After 14 years of trying many things, I never put more than 4 offers on on piece.

  3. Dale, I do well with online only offers. I want to drive customer traffic that direction so I can reach them by email in the future. Therefor, our best offers are online only to get people to try it out.