New EDDM Size Regulations?

I just took a stack of 8/12 x 11 fliers to the post office today to mail EDDM and the clerk asked me if they had contacted me about their new size regulations and that my fliers did not qualify.

I just mailed on Monday and no one told me anything. The postal clerk showed me a memo that was dated yesterday stating that nothing bigger than 10 1/2" would be allowed.

Anyone else know of these changes? They went ahead and took my stack, but said she would have to get clarification on it. Wonder why they would change it to such an irregular size, because it sure was easy to have 8 1/2 x 11 flyers made.

I just sent out a bunch today & they are 8 1/2x11 & they did not say anything to me about it.


They are providing you with incorrect information.After mailing MILLIONS of menus and flyers via EDDM I can guarantee that the 8.5x11 size is well within the USPS guidelines.

In fact, the “starter kit” that the USPS sends out to business owners contains 8.5" x 11" (and larger) samples in it. They are distributing millions of these kits across the US as we speak.

Rest assured that your local USPS Rep is working with incorrect information.

I hope this helps, thanks

Link to the most popular EDDM sizes:

With the financial status of the USPS I am guessing it is so you can take advantage of their newly offered onsite 1/2" trimming service at $0.10 per page! :mrgreen: