new football promotion

PJ is doing this in the Philedelpia area…
lots of toppings today !
could be advertising gone bad,

“For every touchdown scored by the Eagles each week, Papa John’s will add a free pizza topping with the purchase of a large cheese pizza at $8.99. Papa John’s doubles the free toppings if the Eagles win.
In case you haven’t heard, the Birds won BIG on Sunday, scoring eight touchdowns in a 56-21 rout of the Detroit Lions.
That means you can get up to 16 toppings free today. The offer is valid only on the day after the game.”

Marketing genius if you ask me…May not make any money today but they will fill their data base with new clients…And would anyone really order 16 toppings?..The pizzas would not cook…

maybe mcnabb saw the promo and decided to step up his game just for this… :slight_smile: They probably thought it was a safe promo to do considering how bad they’ve been lately.

  • aba

GENIUS!! I may try this in Georgia. Our Vick-less wonders have three touchdowns and a field goal in three weeks. And zero wins. Don’t think it will drive many people to the shop, but if people do come, it won’t cost us much to pay out :cry:

go for it Nick, I think it is a clever idea, I think when people know, they have already decided to go to your place on Monday and watch the game on Sunday to see how many “free” toppings they will get…

I hope you do not end up with 16 like PJ in Philly did…
I just feel bad for the people who ordered all 16 toppings on a pizza, what a pizza, or, “where’s the crust” !


well ,we are currently closed Sunday and Monday, wo we’d have to rethink that whole plan to take advantage of added business :? BUT, we already have a 21 topping pizza on the menu, so 16 would be a breeze to make and bake compared to that Train Wreck :smiley:

Not much chance of finding myself overrun with touchdown problems with Atlanta as the home team. 3 TD in three weeks . . . maybe not many more this year :roll:

I remember one year my friends and I went to see the Giants play the Dolphins in NJ. They announced that if Lawrence Taylor sacked Dan Marino White Castle would give you a sack of burgers(12 burgers) when you presented your game ticket.

As soon as my friends heard this they quickly began rooting for a sack by LT even they knew I was a Dolphins fan.

Promotions like this, done right, do work in creating excitment for the game and your offer.

BTW LT did sack Marino and all four of us stopped in for our sack of burgers.