New format/layout for TT...

…or has something gone wrong somewhere???

I dont like it!! and on top of that are we now discussing purses? something is wrong here

This is terrible, I hope they fix this fast.

Looks like they didn’t turn on any security (like image verification) to register, thus all the spam bots are having a great time…

guess this is gunna take a while to get used to.

Come on PMQ, Alot of old timers here who can’t adjust to change!

What… no viagra spam yet???



I wish them success…the other site became obsolete after trying this… :wink:

Thanks for voicing your concerns.

We were forced to upgrade to this newest version of phpBB3 since our old phpBB2 has become outdated and had security vulnerabilities.

After the install, default settings were in place, which allowed some spam bots through.

However; today I have added email confirmation and visual captcha confirmation during registration.

Please contact me at if you have suggestions or concerns about the boards.

You need to change the color scheme and layout to something which matches the old one as this is (IMO) really hard to see and not very pleasant on the eyes.

The last board that change format (pizzatoday) died due to it being such a radical change. Lets not hope this ends up the same!

I’m sorry but this format is really, really bad. The color scheme makes it very difficult to read and is hard on the eyes. It definitely needs help!!!

I have lightened the background colors so that there is more contrast in order to make the black text easier to read.

Please let me know if this helps.

I like the new layout! looks good.

Not liking it one bit. Hope it changes back soon.

Perhaps you can find something here you all like. They are approved by PHPBB and very easy to install. If desired, you can install several color schemes and then let users customize their ‘theme’ or ‘skin’ to suit their own preferences.

Maybe this:

Or this:

There really is a lot to choose from And they are customizable. Since I post mostly at night I chose the “Glass Darkblue” theme for my BB. You can check it out here:

When you have a great restaurant, you don’t radically change it with no good reason. You’ve developed quite a brand here. Be wary of alienating your best, most loyal, and most frequent customers.

Remember 'New Coke"? Almost no one does.

It all looks the same color now on my screen. I think ‘varying shades of grey’ is really hard on the eyes much more than the old color scheme and there appears to be nothing more than a white line seperating posts which makes it hard to see where one starts and another begins!

New style choices coming soon…

Is there a next post or previous post button that I’m missing? It is really time consuming to go back to the overview board to scroll through every post.

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Just in case you ever wondered what a Bot does on its off night.

I agree…I can stand the new layout but missing these buttons makers it VERY difficult and time consuming to use… :cry: