New format/layout for TT...

Yep. The new color scheme is pretty bad. No visual cues as to what I have read and not read, and that light yellow icon is nearly invisible.

There has got to be something more functional.

Just a minor point. The “Think Tank Forum - Hot Topics” on the PMQ home page is no longer updating since the change

I have the same problem, I have to stare VERY closely at the screen to see what topics I’ve read and what I haven’t. I also have to focus on where one persons post ends and the next one starts, that gets tiring too.

I notice I’m already coming to TT less.

Can this new board be broken down into sub categories? I’d really love for the Think Tank to have subforums for common topics so that if I was in the mood to read about “marketing” I could visit those threads without wading through a sea of unrelated ones.

Right now every discussion under the sun is in here - I actually have the Think Tank bookmarked and almost never look at the forum as a whole. Forums such as “healthy pizza” have less than a dozen topics - often there are some topics that rival that total on the 1st page of the Think Tank! With some more general organizing, we could have active sub forums for popular topics like marketing, start ups/newbie questions, recipes/menu ideas, holiday hours/special events and so on.

Forums for “off topic” or “politics” would set those little paper icons on fire like crazy!