New fun "play with the customers" game

We are going to get set up and put word out next week for a new “luck of the Irish” opportunity. It is a game of chance with the customers that costs absolutely nothing to play. We just ordered 2 gross of ping pong balls off eBay. They should arrive by Wednesday of all goes well. We will write on them various things, like all of our toppings, some free things (like their pizza free, free topping, 5 wings, free delivery coupon, or maybe $100 gift certificate, 2-liter soft drink . . . yadda, yadda). If they wish to play the game, they will draw a ping pong ball from the (admittedly probably large) bag or tub. They MUST use that topping on their pizza that night. Whatever ball they draw from the bag is absolutely free.

It is mostly for people who are thinking about something different, and don’t know what to get. My thought is that it gets some “skin in the game” . . . the truly adventurous will play along. It may be a total bust, but our goal is that it will show some more playfulness, festivity and fun in the shop. The kids will think it’s a blast, I think. I got the idea from Big Dave, I think, who would flip a coin for customers and either get it free or full price, or something. Play with the customers and they’ll think of the place as more fun, I think was the point.

So, for $30 for balls and a bag, plus some flyers and emails . . . we get a little buzz going around.

You’ve got a lot of balls, Nick.

Or you will have next week… :lol: