New Guy introduction

Hello all!

I’ve been a long-time lurker here and finally registered. I just wanted to tell you all a little about myself since I’m a noobie to the Think Tank. I own a little pizza place that does mainly delivery with some C/O and a little dining section as well. I’m in suburban Minnesota and I bought the place about 2 years ago now. I had been working at the restaurant as a delivery guy for about 10 years and was able to talk the previous owner into selling (just in time for the recession… YAY). So hopefully, I’ll have alot to add to the boards with my experiences, cuz I know I’ll have a TON of questions. I love the site and the contributions you guys make are very helpful in my restaurant!

Welcome to the boards Calzone Kid!

Welcome Calzone Kid…

If you read through the archives here, you will find “the good, the bad and the ugly” of the pizza business…It will provide guidance to take you down the right path and avoid the pitfalls…

Good luck…

Good to have ya…finally postin. This sight has been a valuable tool all these years and it is only possible if we take the time to read and post…so post away.


Thanks for stepping into the light CK! I’m sure your years of experience will bring additional insights to this already great forum!

and…haven’t you heard, this was the “Summer of Recovery”, we’re all going to be rich soon!!

Welcome Calzone.Kid,

I’m always learning and always have an opinion, right or wrong!! :slight_smile: Good luck and best wishes!

Welcome to the tt.